Solar Reciprocating Pump

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It starts from scratch with a definite mission, generates activities involving a variety of movement and human resources all direct towards fulfillment. A project is a short time limited, goal-directed, major undertaking, requiring the commitment of various skills and resources. It also describes goal together in a temporary organization toa specific purpose. In project work, they have to make any machine or structure which is based on mechanical principal.

Benefits of solar water reciprocating pump:
• Solar water pumps are used for irrigation of crops, water livestock and provide potable drinking water.
• Solar water pump uses peak solar array output which frequently coincides with high-water demand during long, dry summer days.
• Solar water pumps can also be designed for portability to be moved based on water demand or change of season requires.
• Their operating cost is less compared to diesel pumps.
• Recent fuel price increases and generally intensive maintenance schedules, however, can make diesel pumps expensive.

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