Solar Grass Cutter

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Nowadays, pollution is a major issue in the universe. In case Gas-powered lawn mowers due to the emission of gases, it is responsible for pollution. Also, the cost of fuel is increasing hence it is not efficient. Traditionally, lawn mowers are often clunky pieces of machinery that involve a lot of strength and energy to use. These present and high-tech grass cutters, however, have been creatively designed to make the whole landscaping process much simpler and easier for the user. From robotic lawn mowers that can incredibly cut the grass for you to those that are cleverly
powered by solar energy, these convenient and easy-to-use grass-cutting devices make straightening up your lawn more pleasing. The GrassCutters use cordless electric mowers, trimmers, and blowers powered by clean renewable energy generated by solar panels mounted on our trucks and trailers. We also use reel push mowers for smaller hard to access
areas like pathways and parks. There’s no oil, and no pollution. Just clean air, less noise, and green grass.


The other objective is that the automatic lawn cutter has to differentiate between grass and concrete while monitoring its surroundings continuously. We wanted an ultrasonic sensor to sense if the lawn cutter was heading into an object. Safety is the main concern while designing the lawn cutter. As it has blades we wanted our lawn cutter not to be in operating mode if it was being held in the air by the user. Knowing that the user would be randomly holding the lawn cutter we needed a sensor to detect orientation. The accelerometer was hence used in lawn cutter so that it will not operate when the user holds it. An automatic lawn cutter will relieve the consumer from mowing their own lawns and will reduce both environmental and noise pollution.

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    Awesome Product!

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