Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine

The pneumatic machine includes a table with support arms to hold the sheet, stops or guides to secure the sheet, upper and lower straight – edge blades, a gauging device to precisely position the sheet. The table also includes the two-way directional valve. The two-way directional valve is connected to the compressor. The compressor has a piston for a movable member. The piston is connected to a crankshaft, which is in turn connected to a prime mover (electric motor, internal combustion engine). At inlet and outlet ports, valves
allow air to enter and exit the chamber. When the compressor is switched ON, the compressed air is flow to the inlet of the pneumatic cylinder. The sheet is placed between the upper and the lower blade. The lower blade remains stationary while the upper blade is forced
downward. The upper blade is slightly offset from the lower blade, approximately 5–10% of the sheet thickness. Also, the upper blade is usually angled so that the cut progresses from one end to the other, thus reducing the required force. After the material is cut, adjust the pneumatic hand lever to the mid position (i.e., normal position) and then the compressor is switched OFF.

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Advantages  Pneumatic is more efficient in the technical field  Quick response is achieved  Simple in construction  Easy to maintain and repair  Cost of the unit is less when compared to another machine  No fire hazard problem due to overloading  Comparatively the operation cost is less  The operation of cutting is faster because the medium used to operate is air  Continuous operation is possible without stopping Disadvantages  While working, the compressed air produces noise, therefore, a the silencer may be used.  A high torque cannot be obtained  The load carrying capacity of this unit is not very high. (<50 N) Applications  This machine is very useful for small scale industries  This machine is used to cut the rolled sheet metal  All Industrial Application
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