Multipurpose Mechanical Machine

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We have presented the development of a multipurpose machine in various modes by which it can
actively be adopted. We have explained the various parts and components of the multipurpose machine
using the scotch yoke mechanism. Special categories of additional and verity of tools that can be
implemented on multipurpose machines. The requirement for the invention of the multipurpose machine
is significant in the delay it takes in using hand tools to carry out jobs. Moreover, the cost of a lathe
machine is too high for an average user. These machines will aid in reducing costs, increasing the rate of
production and skill of the worker.

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✓ Multi operations can be performed at the same
✓ Size is compact therefore it requires less space.
✓ Low manufacturing & maintenance cost.
✓ Easy machinery used.
✓ Without human effort it’s not operated.
✓ Not fit for heavy production.


✓ Other operations can also be incorporated into the
✓ The machine can be made more portable
✓ Cost can also be reduced to some extent by
manufacturing it on a mass scale.
✓ The regulator can also be incorporated into the AC motor
to regulate the speed of moving motor (varying speed
of a motor).

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