Multi Hacksaw Machine

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   Objective of Model 

  1.  The main objective of this project is to reduce the human effort for machining various
  2. The basic principles of power-driven hacksaw or four-way hacksaw are Scotch Yoke
  3. The objective of this project is to save manpower and time in cutting materials in order to
    achieve high productivity.
  4.  By using a scotch yoke Mechanism we can operate four hacksaws at the same time.
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The multi-way hacksaw is a metal cutting machine tool designed to cut material simultaneously by applying Scotch yoke mechanism. The machine is used for mass production and represent the faster and more efficient way to cut metal. The operation of the unit is simplified to a few simple operations involving a motor and a link
mechanism. There are different types of cutting machines in the Engineering field, which are used to fulfills the
requirements. We are interested to introduce multiple hacksaw cutting operation in Hacksaw machine. The main
function of this hacksaw machine is to cut thin and soft metals by motor power. These machines can cut rods of different material precisely at a very fast rate but they can cut rods of one material at a time which means they can’t able to cut dissimilar material at the same time.


Scotch Yoke Mechanism:Scotch yoke is a mechanism for converting the linear motion of a slider into rotational motion or vice-versa. The piston or other reciprocating part is directly coupled to a sliding yoke with a slotthat engages a pin on the rotating part. The shape of the motion of the piston is a pure sine wave over time given a constant rotational speed.

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