LPG Refrigerator

In LPG Refrigerator, LPG gases from the cylinder are used for the refrigeration effect. When the LPG gas is released pressure drop occurs and the weight of the gas decrease. Due to the pressure drop cooling effect develops. An LPG cylinder consists of pressure 12.41 bar and a weight of 14.5 kg equipped with a high-pressure regulator.

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Best LPG Refrigerator Project

The pressure inside the cylinder is then reduced to 1.41bar with a capillary tube. The refrigerating effect changes in the properties of LPG before and after the evaporator. It’s with the help of the high-pressure regulator. Therefore as a conclusion, we can use LPG as the refrigerant in the refrigeration system. LPG will not harm the ecosystem. The potential of ozone layer depletion and global warming will be reduced due to usage of current refrigerant in the domestic refrigerators


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