Intelligent Breaking System

Intelligent Breaking System

   Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project 

The Braking System is the most critical system on your vehicle. Its maintenance and proper functioning are vital to you, your family and other motorists. You should not attempt to effectuate maintenance or repair work on brakes. Servicing or repairing the braking system requires specific tools and adequate technical training. That is exactly what Auto tech Performance offers you.

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Intelligent Breaking System

                                                            Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project                                                    

How does the Braking System work

The brake pedal, on which you apply pressure to slow down or stop your vehicle, is connected by levers and rods to the brake booster. The brake booster multiplies and transfers the leverage force produced by stepping on the brake pedal to the master cylinder. In turn, the master cylinder uses that amplified leverage to pressure the brake fluid from its reservoir through hydraulic lines toward the two front and rear brakes that are mounted on the wheels of the vehicle.

The hydraulic pressure that reaches each wheel’s brake is then used to create friction to slow down and stop the vehicle: the harder you push on the pedal, the more pressure is applied to the brakes, eventually locking the wheels – that is if your vehicle if not equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

More precisely, in conventional braking system (without ABS), the brake fluid goes out to the wheels through proportional valves that distribute pressure according to weight distribution on each wheel.

Note that brake fluid has a slippery oily feel and no smell when new. As it ages, the fluid turns smoky brown from the water and contaminants that collect in the system.


  • It allows the driver to maintain directional stability and control over steering during braking.

  • Safe and effective

  • Automatically changes the brake fluid pressure at each wheel to maintain optimum brake performance.

  • ABS absorbs the unwanted turbulence shock waves and modulates the pulses thus permitting the wheel to continue turning under maximum braking pressure.

  • Less time and more profit.


  • We can use this system as a safety purpose.

  • A highly accurate system for an automatic braking system.

  • Less operating force is required

  • Automated operation

Intelligent Breaking System

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