Handicapped Cycle

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Handicapped Cycle Steering Propulsion

Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project

Handicapped Cycle


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Physical disability is also termed as a handicap when physically challenged people come across social-cultural or physical barriers which prevent their access to a different system in the day-to-day life that is available for other common people.

Thus handicap is the loss of opportunities to take part at an equal level with others. One of the areas where physically challenged people lose out is transportation.

Transport disability keeps out current physically challenged people from all forms of transport like public, private and personal transportation.

These, in turn, limit their ability to interact with others in society and take up jobs or businesses away from their home. Access to transport will give them the freedom to live an independent life.

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Handicapped  Cycle Steering Propulsion

Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project


Physically Challenged People
Physically Disabled People can use it as per their purposes. People who are Able to use their hands can use Joystick; People suffering from certain Paralysis can use either voice or head movement as per requirement.
Patients in the Hospitals
People suffering from certain paralysis can use either voice or head Movement as per requirement.
Old Age Homes
People in old age homes can use this chair as per their requirements. Smart Wheel Chair

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