Gearless Power Transmission 180 Degree

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The gearless transmission means the power transfer from one shaft to another shaft without using any gear. Gearless Power Transmission which is compact and portable equipment, which is skilful and is having something practice in the transmitting power at an angle 0-180 degree without any gears being manufactured

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The Gearless transmission or El-bow mechanism is a device for transmitting motion at any fixed angle between the driving and the driven shaft. The synthesis of this mechanism would reveal that it comprises of a number of pins would be in between 3 to 8, the more the pins the smoother the operation. These pins slide inside hollow cylinders thus formatting a sliding pair. Our mechanism has 3 such sliding pairs. These cylinders are placed in a Hollow pipe and are fastened at 120 degrees to each other. This whole assembly is mounted on brackets wooden table. Power is supplied by an electric motor. The working of the mechanism is understood by the diagram. An unused form of transmission of power on the shaft located at an angle. Motion is transmitted from driving to the driven shaft through the roads which are bent to conform to the angles between the shafts. These roads are located at in the holes equally spaced around a circle and they are free to slide in & out as the shaft revolves. This type of drive is especially suitable where quiet operation at high speed is essential but only recommended for high duty.

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