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The waste and gases produced from the industries are very harmful to human beings and to the environment. Our proposed system is used to clean and control the drainage level using auto mechanism technique Mechanical control techniques include the total or halfway evacuation of Plastic containers and Un- disintegrated solids by mechanical means, including gathering, destroying, cutting, rototilling, rotating, and binding. Mechanical control techniques can likewise be utilized to speed up manual cleaning exercises, including hand cleaning, raking, and cut stump control, with the utilization of engine driven hardware

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a. These cleaners are the easy cheapest way to fix drainage problems. Easy to operate as no special skill is required.

b. Reduction of labour oriented method of cleaning, thus upgrading the dignity of labour.

c. Light weight and easily portable. Requires nearly 12-24 volts of power.
d. Large amount of garbage will collect which can be remanufacturable.
a. Small vibration will occur.
b. In order to avoid vibration, the machine should be properly foundation with the floor.
a. It is used almost in all types of drainage (Large, Small, and Medium).
b. Project to use this in an efficient way to control the disposal of wastages and with regular filtration of wastages.
c. Cleaning and maintenance of sewer lines drain of mechanical drainer.
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