Creating a Port Scanner in C

A port scanner is a piece of software designed to search a network host for open
ports. This is often used by administrators to check the security of their networks
and by hackers to compromise it. An online port scanner will scan your computer
looking for open ports. Programs use ports (like we use doors) to visit and
communicate with the outside world (the net). Viruses now have built-in port
scanners that scour the internet looking for unsuspecting computers with open
ports; when they find them, they cripple your software or worse, stay hidden and
report your personal activity and information to another system. To port scan, a host
is to scan for multiple listening ports on a single target host. This project basically
about how to scan the local database of services of any remote system connected to

The Server with the help of IP/TCP Address of the system connected to that server.
The scanner also includes a module for testing connections (the Connect page) and
allows the handling of the local database of services (the Services page). After a
hacker runs a port scanner on your system they know what services you have
accepting connections. With this information, they can begin attempting to exploit
those services to obtain unauthorized access to your system.

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