Automatic Solar Tracker

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Automatic Solar Tracker Project

Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project

Automatic Solar Tracker


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Advantages of Sun Tracking Solar Panel

  • Solar energy can be reused as it is a non-renewable resource.
  • This also saves money as there is no need to pay for the energy used (excluding the initial setup cost)
  • Helps in maximizing solar energy absorption by continuously tracking the sun.

Sun Tracking Solar Panel Applications

  • These panels can be used to power the traffic lights and streetlights
  • These can be used in a home to power the appliances using solar power.
  • These can be used in industries as more energy can be saved by rotating the panel.

Limitations of Sun Tracking Solar Panel Circuit

  1. Though solar energy can be utilized to a maximum extent this may create problems in a rainy season.
  2. Although solar energy can be saved to batteries, they are heavy and occupy more space, and are required to change from time to time.
  3. They are expensive.
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Automatic Solar Tracker Project

Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project


As non-renewable energy resources are decreasing, the use of renewable resources for producing electricity is increasing. Solar panels are becoming more popular day by day.

Solar panel absorbs the energy from the Sun, converts it into electrical energy and stores the energy in a battery.

This energy can be utilized when required or can be used as a direct alternative to the grid supply. The utilization of the energy stored in batteries is mentioned in the below-given applications.

The position of the Sun with respect to the solar panel is not fixed due to the rotation of the Earth. For efficient use of solar energy, the Solar panels should absorb energy to a maximum extent.

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