Automatic Air Inflation In Tyres

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Tire inflation system is a system to provide control over the air pressure in each tire of a vehicle as a way to improve performance on different surfaces. For example, lowering the air pressure in a tire creates a larger area of contact between the tire and the ground and makes driving on the softer ground much easier. It also does less damage to the surface. This is important on work sites and in agricultural fields. By giving the driver direct control over the air pressure in each tire, maneuverability is greatly improved.

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The overall goal of this design project is to develop a system that will decrease tire-wear while improving fuel economy, performance and safety of a passenger vehicle through dynamically adjustable tire pressures. The system serves to solve a fairly common problem of improperly inflated tires, which also are the cause of many road accidents, thereby increasing the safety of the passengers.

The system mainly consists of four components, namely, Rotary Union, Pressure Switch, Solenoid Valve and Portable Compressor. As soon as the tyre pressure goes below the set lower limit, the Pressure Switch sends an electrical signal to the Solenoid Valve and the Compressor. Compressed air flows through the Rotary Union into the tyre thus inflating the tyre. As soon as the higher set limit of the pressure switch is reached the switch shuts off and the circuit breaks.

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