Air Engine

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All automobile engines consume the petroleum fuel. Considering the demand of fuel and cost of fuel, other resources of energy is required to operate the vehicle. So that we are go for other type of energy like electric power, solar power etc. It may be noted that the air energy is readily available with free of cost. So we are consider that air engine in our project

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                                           WORKING PRINCIPLE

In our project, we have operated the vehicle without using the fuel. Inside of fuel, we are using the compressed air supply, with the gear arrangement. Here the vehicle is consist of the gear arrangement, pneumatic gun, solenoid valve, and control unit.

In this, the vehicle wheel shaft is coupled with spur gear and the pneumatic gun. The air from the compressor it reaches the control unit and the pressure of air is controlled and it is passed through the solenoid valve.

The solenoid valve supply the required amount of air to the pneumatic gun and the gun shaft the fixed the gear it will be rotated and the rotating gear is coupled to the wheel shaft gear to move the vehicle.

The forces air passes into the inlet port to rotate the pneumatic gun. Then the output shaft will be coupled with the back wheels drive using gear arrangements.

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