Air Compression Using Suspension System

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Air production is simple for running the vehicle
No fuel is required
Electrical power input is not required
It is a non-conventional system
No pollution
No moving parts
No lubricating oil required
System is bulky
High Initial cost
More space required
Leakage problems are high
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As we know that Pneumatic energy is readily available and low-cost energy. The non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to the world. So In this project compressed air was produced with the help of vehicle suspension. Then this compressed air is used to operate the vehicle. Compressed air production using vehicle suspension does not require any input power to produce compressed air. This air operated vehicles are the new
innovative concept to run a vehicle by using a compressed air system. The above project is made with pre-planning so that it provides compressed air for various operations like running of the vehicle, air- conditioning etc. The project fabrication of a device used for producing compressed air using vehicle suspension is designed and fabricated with the hope that it is very much economical and helpful to all vehicles to produce the compressed air.

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